September 18, 2017

001I’ve known this family my whole life – as kids, when I would come down to the shore to stay with my grandparents for the summer, wendy and cindy only lived two doors down and we grew up together. since moving back almost 16 years ago, things have changed a bit… marriages and kids and whole new families have happened. but I still live next door to matriarch, joanne, and right across the street from my childhood friend (#trifecta). I have photographed family photos, senior portraits, and even a back to school and prom photo with this bunch ~ but never a wedding. I first met bobby’s fiance’, yana, when I received a text from wendy several months ago.. it went a little something like this. ‘bobby and yana see atticus in your back yard and REALLY want to meet him!’ ┬áso I brought atti out front and soon an epic lovefest ensued :) more recently, I got another text from wendy informing that me yana’s mother was going to be visiting from russia and they wanted to get married while she was here. done! I couldn’t wait to spend such a happy day with all of them. it was a beautiful afternoon when I met up with everyone at the church – yana was so beautiful and her mother was clearly thrilled to be able to be here for their wedding. I am always so inspired to witness and capture the love of this big and beautiful family and to see they welcome yana as one of their own was so lovely. there are still 5 more of these kids that may get married down the road and I look forward to many more amazing days such as these. bobby and yana, I wish you so much love and happiness in your life together.. and a puppy, obviously a puppy! xoxo

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