July 27, 2010


why do an engagement session? this question comes up often during consultations. sometimes the couples have been engaged for a long time and often times they don’t understand why these session are in all of our collections.  and while they’re not mandatory, I strongly suggest them – again why? first and foremost I LOVE these sessions and part of what makes my job so cool is that I get to do what I love. but there are many other reasons that I advise my couples to take this route. 


for years, I would walk into wedding day with very little knowledge about the groom. I always spoke with my brides multiple times as wedding day grew nearer, but usually I would only meet the groom at the initial consultation and at times not even then. so by spending an afternoon or morning with the couple during the e-session not only do I get to know my bride even better, but I get to know the groom as well.  


while I would love to have carte blanche in terms of time on wedding day to shoot, this is usually not the case. by doing an e-session, my clients get familiar with how I direct and guide them when shooting. I also get the opportunity to see how they are together – some couples are really touchy feely while others are more reserved. being armed with this information for both my couples and myself going into wedding day is invaluable and definitely expedites the process when it comes time for me to shoot their wedding portraits.


and at the end of the day it’s just fun! I love working with my clients trying new ideas and locations where time isn’t an issue. it’s truly a collaborative shoot because I like to customize these sessions to suit them, their interests and who they are as a couple. 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions via email about a lot of topics lately about different kinds of sessions and just photography in general so keep a lookout on the blog as I’ll be posting about these topics in the upcoming days – got a question? shoot me an email rayevalion@gilletteportraitarts.com :)