July 31, 2013

at this very moment, tracey and roshan are in india where they plan to have their indian wedding ceremony this saturday. and although I offered to fold all 6 feet of me into one of their suitcases, I am equally excited to photograph their wedding here in baltimore at the peabody library in november – hands down one of our favorite venues. I met with tracey and her mother several months ago and when I heard what they were planning, I was practically itching to work with them. tracey just had such a calm and happy energy about her and her mom was adorable. we timed her and roshan’s esession the day before they were to fly out to india as they currently live in ohio and because they had lived in fells point, it seemed the perfect location. when I met roshan, I was immediately charmed.. with a big smile he shook my hand and said ‘let’s do this!’ :) they were so fun and playful with each other as we roamed patterson park and then after taking a coffee break at a local cafe, they changed and we walked the streets of fells point.  I can’t wait to hear all about their ceremony when they get back to the states and I am looking so forward to november to spend more time with them.

I will be thinking about you both on saturday – I know it will be such a beautiful day!