October 19, 2016

1I love chincoteague ~ it’s one of the few places on the shore where I make a point of visiting several times a year.. just because. it’s also the first place that tiffanie and jason took their first vacation together as a couple so it was an ideal spot for their engagement session. when I met up with them, I got a big hug which is always an awesome beginning. they admitted they were a little nervous ~ after several years together, they had never had any photos taken of just the two of them. within minutes, I could tell that whatever nerves they may have had disappeared once I asked them to look at each other. without any direction on my part, there were giggles, kisses, and smiles for days. as we wandered the streets of downtown, I learned more about their wedding, their family, and the way they met. as we said good bye (for now :) ), I knew I had made 2 new friends and I am looking SO forward to seeing them again on their wedding day. thanks for giving me a reason to go to the island and being so wonderful to work with ~ cheers!

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