February 05, 2015

1when I first met katie at a wedding show in annapolis several years ago, I had no idea… I had no idea that she was going to hire me. I had no idea how awesome her then fiancĂ©, james, would be. I had no idea how cool and hysterical she was… and I had no idea that she would become such a close friend. in the years since photographing their wedding, I have worked with literally countless of katie’s co-workers, I’ve done freelance landscaping photography for james, and I had family sessions with their siblings. so when james emailed me to say that he and his two sisters wanted to get his mother a family session for christmas while everyone was home, I was SO onboard! this family is so amazing.. I was greeted by all with big bear hugs even though I hadn’t seen some of them since the wedding. they brought me coffee… enough said! and they made me laugh the whole morning as we wandered a local park. I absolutely love this part of my job.. making unexpected connections that blossom into friendships that last for years. I am truly grateful for all of you and can’t wait to see you again soon! xoxo

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