December 18, 2015


I could write pages and pages about katie and james… really, I could. because the day I met katie at an annapolis wedding show, many years ago, I had no idea. the studio was still pretty young and I initially viewed it as any other job I had done. there were advertising decisions, the purchasing of the appropriate gear for the photography I was specializing in.. I had a lot of lists. and while it was dream come true and I was doing something that I loved, something that I had loved so much that I had chosen to go to college for it – I didn’t know that now that I had entered into the field of wedding photography, that this was a different deal all together. when you are with people during the happiest, most joyful, sometimes scariest and  just simply frustrating times of their lives, you get to know them on a level I never had experienced as a professional photographer before. as you shoot an engagement session, you see how he will brush the hair out of her eyes and kiss her forehead without a word from me. you will see her grab his hand as we go from one location to another and they snuggle in. you will listen to stories of how they met and you will share a little about your life too. as the wedding day gets closer, you may hear the frustration from your client (who is talking to you like an old friend) about weather back up plans and catering woes. then the wedding day comes and your bride may wander over to you when she needs a break from the meeting and greeting and you sit there with her as she takes her wedding day in. katie and james were one of my first experiences of a random meeting turning into friendship that I never expected but am so grateful for. I’ve worked with them, their friends, their families, and even at their workplace many times since their big day. we’ve shared concerts and dinners and silly back and forth texts about nothing. I love them. it’s that simple. so when I found out that they were expecting, I was over the moon. once jake arrived, I got a text from katie saying something to the effect of ‘okay, so how do we do these photos.’ it was just a given that I would have the honor of taking their son’s first portraits and it filled me with joy. I am so happy for all of you and I words don’t really do justice to how much I value our friendship and what it’s brought into my life. I can’t wait to capture the many milestones and the journey of your family xoxo

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