November 16, 2016


after photographing this session, kathleen and ray officially became my most photographed couple ~ ever. it’s hard to believe that we met 7 years ago when they hired me to photograph their wedding.. and from the very first moment, I loved them. they are funny, they are kind, they are silly, they are amazing parents, they are more in love today than they were last year, and the year before that. they are ravens fans.. but I can overlook that ~ I love them that much. so instead of posting a bunch of links to their previous sessions, I pulled some of my favorite photos from all of our sessions..


their engagement session:

1a 1b

their wedding day:





their first anniversary trash-the-dress session:

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our first session with their son, coleston:

1e 1g 1h

with coleston a year later:

1i 1j 1k 1l

our first session with their daughter, alice:


1ll 1m 1n

and last month’s session.. this year, they picked me up from assateague on their pontoon boat. I must say, I felt pretty fancy :) we went to a beach only accessible by boat and had such an awesome morning together. now that alice is a year older, she is on the move, inquisitive, and adorable. coleston, as usual, was so much fun and ever the attentive big brother. to watch all of them together is a such a joy and I am reminded once again how fortunate I am that I get to do this for a living. the friendships that I have made, the children that I watch grow up in front of my lens… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you guys so much and am forever grateful to have you in my life.. until next year! xoxo

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