January 25, 2017

1my history with they myers family is a long one… not only have they been my friends and neighbors for the past 14 years, but mom, wendy, and I have known each other our whole lives. wendy grew up in the house next door to where I live now, and currently lives in the house across the street ~ while my grandparents lived in the house on the other side of mine. every christmas and most summers, I would travel down to the eastern shore from syracuse and spend months at a time here in snow hill. because wendy and I are close in age, we became fast friends when we were little and I always loved spending time with her during my visits. once I moved to colorado, I was rarely in snow hill for more than a day or two and wendy and I lost touch. but in 2002, I moved into my home and was pleasantly surprised that wendy was still here in town and we picked up where we left off. over the years, I have gotten to know her husband, jon, and I have watched her kids, reagan and riley, grow up in front of my eyes. they are such amazing kids… well not really kids anymore. in fact, reagan just left this week to study abroad ~ where does the time go? they have also welcomed david, a foreign exchange student from korea, into their family. his first round of study was last year and he fit into their life as though he had always been there. I remember wendy telling me that he was coming back for a second year and she was so happy! so while david was here and before reagan left, it was important to all of them to document this time together. we chose a beautiful but COLD afternoon to photograph a short but sweet session… according to riley, he couldn’t feel his legs :)  I love this wonderful family and am so grateful for each and every one of them xoxox

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