October 12, 2016

1as soon as I walked into christine and jeff’s home, I knew that this was going to be a wonderful evening. I met their kids, elliott and olivia, and got some dog time with their lab, bear.. everyone was so nice, funny, and easy going ~ and the ladies were wearing pink tutus! enough said :) they had a beautiful trail right behind their home that followed a creek and within minutes the kids were hugging, and then playing, and then teasing, hugging again, and laughing the whole time. they were both so at ease in front of the camera.. it was as if I’d been taking their photo forever. so awesome! whenever I would photograph christine and jeff alone, the kids would smile and giggle.. especially if there was a smootch involved. this is the kind of session that I adore, documenting a family just being a family.. with all of the love and laughter that it brings.

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