June 27, 2010


now this session was a long time coming! mother nature and conflicting schedules had us wondering if we would ever get this done. but as fate would have it, mom christal contacted me about 2 weeks ago and we were free at the same time – and the sun stayed out!! so I met up with the family on a sunday afternoon at assateague. I knew dad doug through working with him on several occasions but hadn’t met christal or their adorable girls emma & chloe before our shoot. as soon as I saw christal changing them into these amazing dresses, I was excited! we started on bayside where is was a bit breezy & bright but we had fun and got some great shots!


this just makes me smile ear to ear




I just love this shot  – it reminds me of how excited I was as a kid everytime we went to the beach


now emma LOVES the ocean! she went running for it as soon as we were done bayside – but chloe on the other hand is a bit afraid of it – so we attempted a few shots of the whole family by the water but once a big wave crashed, chloe ran up the beach toward the dunes and sat at what she felt was a safe distance away. I followed her and got some of  my favorite photos of the day



emma’s happy feet



in an attempt to negate chloe’s fear of being close to the surf, I asked everyone to make a funny face – the funniest of which I think is chloe’s  – it just says “I don’t know these people” :)


love this mother/daughter shot



I can’t seem to shoot at the beach without getting some sandy toes photos!



I had a wonderful evening with you guys – it was so much fun and I always love a reason to get my toes in the ocean – just like emma!