October 24, 2014


sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that time really passes by as quickly as it does… but if I have proof, actual photographic proof, of anything, it’s that time keeps on rolling at a astonishing speed – some of the kids I photographed as toddlers are seniors.. seniors!! and when I work with a couple who is starting their family, it never ceases to surprise me to see them and witness all of the changes at the next session, and then the next. when I first met tara and matt, it was during her maternity session¬†on their farm. in addition to getting to know them during our time together that day, I also was introduced to their fur-kids hokie and gunner who I instantly fell for… it was impossible not to – they are 2 of the coolest pups I have ever met :) when I returned to the farm several weeks later, it was to meet their son cayden for the first time for his newborn session. for our most recent session, I pulled up to their new home where I was enthusiastically greeted by hokie and gunner – they were the primary reason that we were working at the house… my mission was to get a photo of all 5 of them. I knelt down and scratched them both behind the ears, giving them a pep talk and posing tips ‘keep your ears up boys, it makes your cuteness even more adorable.’ when tara opened the door, the little boy I saw was no longer anything close to a newborn – with big blue eyes and a wide smile, it was clear that mr. cayden was growing up. as always, it was so much fun to work with all of you and I can’t wait to see you again soon!

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