December 31, 2015

1I have a big and beautiful group of girlfriends ~ and between them, I have photographed 4 weddings, several engagement sessions, dogs sessions, oodles of family sessions, and now 3 newborn sessions. I first met erin and nick through my friend nettie and when they hired me to photograph their wedding, I was so happy. they are such a lovely couple and working with them was such a joy. like me, they are over the moon for their pup, penny. in fact, penny has been in every session that we’ve shot, including wedding day! there has also been a theme with me and erin that has become a little joke within our group ~ whenever we are together, she cries. these are happy tears of course, and have nothing really to do with me, just what’s going on around me ~ but it happens. every time. so when I learned that they were expecting, I was thrilled… and when my friend megan said that they wanted to surprise them with a session from me I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do. as I entered their home, I spotted jack in his little rocker. he was just waking up from a nap and his big eyes looked up at me, all bright and shiny. I turned around and saw penny resting in a chair. like sampson, she’s older and takes a little longer to get from place to place, but she still has that personality that won me over years ago. we started the session in the nursery that they had so lovingly created. almost everything was either made or repurposed specifically for jack and as the morning light illuminated the room, I just had to sit back and watch. I have always admired how erin and nick are as a couple and the love they share, and as parents it’s multiplied beyond measure. jack’s favorite place in nestled up close in their arms. it was such a wonderful morning and to my surprise, erin didn’t cry. she just beamed and it was such a beautiful thing to capture. I love all of you and am so very happy for you xoxo

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