May 07, 2014

ioana and rolfe are good friends with two of our couples – they were guests at theĀ wedding of maureen and justin and we actually photographed part of casie and frank’s esession on their dock. so while we had met briefly a couple of times, I hadn’t had the opportunity to really work with them. this changed when ioana contacted me regarding a session with their son avrum and I was looking so forward to getting the chance to get to know them all better. I arrived at their house which is a gorgeous home located bayside in ocean city and it was a perfect spring morning. avrum was still sleeping, so ioana, rolfe and I chatted over coffee about life with a new baby as well as their recently completed home renovation – which was beautiful. once little man got up and moving, he was one of the happiest babies I have ever met! on the rare occasions when he would get a little cranky, all it took was some soft words from ioana’s mother who was in town visiting from romania. you were all so wonderful to work with and I am so happy for you as you begin this new chapter for your family.