September 23, 2013

like heather, kate and I met at the pharmaceutical company where I worked shortly after I moved to boulder. I think I worked there first, but am not certain… fuzzy times :) but what I do know is that one day during dinner in the break room, kate said something so wryly and subtly hysterical that I immediately liked her. we discovered that we didn’t live too far from each other in town and it wasn’t long before we were basically inseparable. practically every weekend, we would pack up her vintage VW bug and head up the rockies to see the breckenridge boys (an amusing experience, to say the least when crawling up the higher passes in the bug as mountain worthy SUVs patiently trailed behind us). she is also responsible for bringing the biggest gift into my life… ever. shortly after I moved to colorado, my dog dempsey passed away at only a year and a half and I was completely devastated. so much so that I had made a pretty solid deal with myself that I would never have another dog because I didn’t think I could handle another loss like that. the first time I went over to kate’s, I met her roommate’s golden retriever, trapper and was instantly smitten. seeing how goofy I got around trapper, kate kept saying that I needed to get another dog – and I always said no. so one sunday, kate suggested that we go to denver for brunch (we almost always had brunch in boulder) and I agreed. after we finished eating and got in the bug, I assumed we were going back to boulder but kate had other plans. I’m not sure if she had seen it in the paper or had been told by someone, but I was about to meet probably the most important ‘being’ in my life. kate pulled up to a house and we walked up to the front door and rang. we were greeted by a doberman, a sheepdog and a small terrier named ups. a small woman with a large and welcoming smile nudged the pups out of the way as she opened the door to let us in and introduced herself to us as Jeane. I think I still looked baffled but then all became clear as I met ‘yellow dog’ – Jeane was a dog rescuer and had been trying to get yellow dog (a very large, very defensive and yes, very yellow husky/german shepard/wolf mix) out of downtown denver for a long time but hadn’t been successful. it wasn’t until she had a litter of puppies that yellow dog stayed in one spot long enough for Jeane to get both her and her pups to a safe home. as soon as I heard ‘puppies’, that fear of getting another dog seemed to vanish into thin air and soon kate and I were in the back yard, coercing the pack of 12 pups out from under Jeane’s deck. the first puppy to run to me was a blur of gold poofy fur and chocolate brown eyes… I was immediately in love. jake came home with me that day and didn’t leave my side for the next 13 years. he was my protector and therapist. he traveled cross country with me 22 times. both he and kate stood next to me as I got married. he provided my mother with a quiet comfort that no human could have when she was sick and he saved my life on a dark and chilly april morning 11+ years ago. and without kate’s knowing me well enough that I needed a dog in my life to be complete, I assume I probably would have gotten another dog while I was in colorado – but it wouldn’t have been jake. since we both left boulder, we have moved to different coasts, kate in LA and me here and yet whenever we have the chance to talk or see each other (she’s visited me twice. I know, I know… it’s my turn. soon!) it’s as though no time has passed. AND, as the universe would have it, we have actually had the opportunity to work together this year which has been really cool. thank you my dear friend for being my partner-in-crime in boulder, vegas and everywhere in between. thank you for jake. thank you for being a friend I can always count on and my ‘bridge over troubled water’ haha!! :)

jake his second day home

colorado days

it was so great to have you here last month – all of our talks reminded me of similar times in boulder where I knew I could tell you anything and I really miss you. so don’t be surprised if you see me in sunny california soon xoxo