September 04, 2013

estelle and I met at the med – the restaurant where I worked for a good chunk of my time in boulder. if I’m honest, at first she overwhelmed me a bit – she’s energetic, vibrant, outspoken and when she laughs it fills the room whereas I was and still am more on the quiet side, observing more than participating. but soon, we began hanging out and found that we had a lot in common. both being artists, our creative energies complemented each other and as different as we have seemed on the outside, I knew I had found a real friend and a kindred spirit. we both left the med at around the same time and began working together at another restaurant across town and this was when I knew we’d be friends forever. things in my life were beginning to spiral and in estelle I had someone who I could completely be open with and who was a compassionate yet honest confidante. it wasn’t long after that I made the decision to leave colorado and I spent my last night in town with her. shortly after I moved back to maryland, things started changing pretty quickly and I lost touch with a lot of my colorado friends, estelle included – but I did know that she had moved back to her hometown of chicago, fallen in love and gotten married. enter my love/hate relationship with facebook and soon she and I were reunited – playing catch up and picking up where we had left off. during these chats, we would commiserate about missing boulder and the mountains and both vowed to do something about it. during my visit in march she had other commitments and couldn’t come out but this last visit in early august, we made it happen. because both of our trips involved some days where we had work related appointments, we only overlapped by one day but as soon as we saw each other, it was truly as if no time had passed – let alone over a decade. within 5 minutes after sitting down for lunch we were laughing, crying and sharing the real stuff of life, as only two old friends can…

I love you girl and can’t wait for future colorado adventures with you – according to your dreams it will be sooner rather than later :)