January 06, 2014

as I sit at my desk on this rainy and dreary day, I can’t help but long for the day when I first spent time with these two.. it was 82 degrees, it was sunny + bright and it was in jamaica for our friend susan’s wedding. I had been friends with courtney for years before that trip and this morning I was trying to recall the exact moment we met, but I couldn’t. it’s just like she’s always been in my life since I’ve been in snow hill and we’ve always been friends.. which is kinda cool. I do know that she and I became small business owners here in snow hill just about the same time when I opened the palette and she started the courtney brooke salon – as fellow women entrepreneurs, we have always been a mutual sounding board, bounced ideas off of each other and been there for each other through the highs of starting something new and the lows that owning a business inevitably brings. creatively she is amazing and has been my go-to for many editorial and specialty shoots where we’ve been known to sometimes have a little too much fun. I always knew that she had a sister but I didn’t meet andrea until jamaica.. and even after meeting her, I didn’t put two and two together that she was courtney’s sister until the day after I got there… for which I blame the tropics. but once andrea and I got to know each other it was like courtney.. like she had always been there and that I had loved and trusted her forever – which is really rare for me, which is why I love them both so. shortly after meeting andrea, she opened her own salon in annapolis and named it prim. because I am on that side of the bridge so much, I would often stop by and check out the progress.. see her dream taking shape. having been there myself I knew how excited she was but also the nerves, uncertainty and borderline terror that comes with taking such a leap. of course, she needn’t have worried as prim was voted best new salon of 2013 – boom! I obviously knew that they were going to be a part of the grey t-shirt project and I knew that I wanted to photograph them together but you try getting the schedules of 3 very busy women to match up.. it’s not easy. I love you both so much and am so grateful to have you both in my life – you’ve been there for me through so much, both personally+professionally and never, ever, ever fail to make me smile xoxo