December 02, 2017

1the first time that I met carrie, something just clicked… it was like I had known her forever. it is somewhat surprising that we had never crossed paths before earlier this year ~ we have a lot of the same friends and have traveled in similar circles, personally and professionally. but better later than never, I say. I knew that she had kids and this summer she had briefly mentioned a session ~ summer and busy schedules made the days fly by and we never got around to it. then about a month ago, we returned to the conversation and I asked a question that I typically do when I haven’t photographed a family before.. ‘when was your last session?’. carrie kind of glanced at me siedways and answered, ‘ummmm never?’ and suddenly I was on a mission… hell, I was on a quest! when we met up at assateague, all of her and mike’s awesome kids exited the mini van, greeted me with smiles and appeared to be really exited about the session (this is not always my experience… just sayin’). I started out with individual portraits and it was jack, the only boy, whose hand shot up in the air ~ sooooo many high fives for that! these kids were beyond amazing to work with ~ it was a little chilly, especially when we got to the ocean side of the island, but they were all in. and their parents were pretty cool too… obviously :) I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a more awesome family to spend such a beautiful evening with and I am looking SO forward to next time! xoxo

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