September 21, 2017

1as summer turns into fall, I’ve been keeping the season alive here in the studio while editing some super fun family sessions from the last few weeks…. and it doesn’t get much more entertaining than the cornely family! from the first snap of big brother, quinn, as he went into lotus :) I knew that I was in for a treat. sister, olivia, was the wrangler of the bunch and such a wonderful little assistant. and the twins.. oh how I loved grady and sean! they were full of giggles, especially when together. the kids were visiting chincoteague with parents tanya and kieran, and were winding down their vacation when we got together for the session. everyone was exploring the marsh and the beach, finding sand crabs shells, displaying their treasures with excitement. once we got to the ocean side, there was an attempt to keep everyone dry as the family was going out for ice cream once we were done, but as soon as the kids got their feet in the water, all bets were off. I had such a fabulous time with all of you and look forward to your return to our little corner of the world.

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