January 12, 2018

1this year many of our couples made the decision to see each other before their wedding ceremony ~ and this year, more than any other, we had the pleasure of documenting several fathers seeing their daughters before they walked together down the aisle. we are big fans of ‘first looks’ for several reasons – one, usually (and ideally) no one else is there except for our couple. once the two of them see each other, there are such spontaneous, emotional, and lovely moments to capture. after 15 years of shooting weddings, many of our favorite photographs have been taken during this time. also, because we make an allowance for the first look in the timeline, it allows us to choose the perfect time for portraits that takes advantage of the best lighting and locations, regardless of ceremony time. but what these photographs really say is what it’s all about for us… it’s about this day. it’s about love.

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