January 20, 2016

1ain all of the years that we have been photographing weddings, we have never ceased to be inspired by our couples… and this year was certainly no exception. the couples of 2015 were romantic, creative, emotional, hysterical, fashionable, brave, and most obviously, best friends and blissfully in love. they know what the other is thinking with just a glance, they finish each others sentences, they have countless inside jokes, they reach for the other’s hand at the same moment… they wipe away a happy tear. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us to capture such a special time in your lives. you made us laugh, you made us get a little misty (in the best way!) and you showed us time and time again what true love, friendship, and partnership looks like. it has been an honor and such a pleasure to work with all of you and we wish you SO much love, laughter, and joy in your lives together.. xoxo

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