this is the last ‘best of’ 2014 blogpost… we have had such an amazing time looking back at all of our sessions, weddings, and adventures from the last year. throughout the year, we have posted instagrams to document the journey that was 2014 and thought that sharing them would be the perfect way to wrap up this series.

  • we photographed 42 weddings
  • 17 of our couples welcomed new additions to their families
  • we traveled to 17 states
  • we did many happy dances
  • we took a trip of a lifetime to paris
  • we photographed 84 sessions
  • we worked with dozens of adorable pups
  • we danced under rainbows
  • we photographed 5 festivals
  • we consumed approximately 3,549,325 cups of coffee
  • we moved the studio
  • we saw so much live music which made our souls sing
  • we made so many new friends and reconnected with cherished loves
  • we collaborated with some of the most creative people that we’ve had the pleasure of working with
  • we took the time to watch the sunset, gaze at the moon, and walk on the beach
  • we celebrated the holidays.. happily

there have been many changes for all of us here at the studio in 2014. we are looking so forward to implementing all of our new plans… new collaborations, new studio, new team members. 2015 promises to be such a beautiful, transforming, and memorable year. we are so excited to work with all of our new clients and follow this path that is sure to take us to some amazing places. we thank all of you for such love, friendship, and inspiration – you made 2014 truly remarkable and a year that we will never, ever forget xoxo