January 04, 2012

the mighty winter winds yesterday took out our cable and internet so we are back today with the next installment of our ‘best of’ posts. at first we were going to include these images in with the post we are preparing for the bride and groom, but there were so many cool images that we loved that we decided to give them their own post. the time where the brides is getting ready is always one of our favorite times to shoot – there is always so much energy and excitement in the air with everyone buzzing about. final lists are checked off and the champange and hair spray are flowing as the dress is waiting to be put on. and when all the finishing touches are complete and she looks at herself in the mirror, it’s just the best moment!

  • I love them all, Raye, especially the last one. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!!!

  • Thanks for posting Katelyn and me again. You really caputured a special moment between us. I can’t wait until you do my daughter Shannon’s wedding in August in Cape May. See you soon. Leslie.

  • Love the pics!! You did such an amazing job! Thank you for the pics in the mail as well! They made awesome Christmas gifts :)