September 27, 2013


my dear friends steph and jeff have been featured on this blog more than any other couple and family and there is good reason for that. the first time that I met them, it was in late 2004 when my only office was a small room in my house and the only examples I had of my work were loose photographs. I still remember them sitting on my futon couch as we discussed their wedding day and during that brief conversation, I already knew that even if they didn’t hire me to photograph their wedding, that I hoped we’d be friends. fortunately, they liked what they saw and wanted me and kristie (her first wedding shoot ever) to capture their big day. in the years since, I have photographed maternity sessions when steph was pregnant with both hannah and finn, their newborn photos, photos of their four-legged kids maddie + moses and countless family sessions. they are SO far beyond clients now, they are 2 of my closest friends and I am so grateful for that day in my little office almost 9 years ago.


I have felt so lucky to see hannah and finn grow up to be the amazing people they are and document your journey as a family. I love you guys so much xoxo