November 29, 2010


taylor is a part of the large crew of snow hill high seniors that I’ve had the joy of working with this year – I can honestly say that I’ve had such a great time with all of these students. they were all so fun, energetic and nice! I know when I was their age I was… you could say… a bit moody. but they’ve all been great! taylor is actually the granddaughter of my next door neighbor who I’ve known all of my life. while we were shooting I asked taylor “did you know that your grandmother and my mom graduated high school together?” and she with eyes widened said “really?” not because it’s that amazing but probably because she did the math and realized just how ancient I am, at least to a teenager :) but she brought her dog – who was adorable and taylor was a real trooper dealing with the sudden chill and wind. while we were doing a few shots with her soccer ball it suddenly was taken by the wind and went into the bay, slowly taken out of our reach by the tide – it was far too cold to go fetch it. but we were all laughing because it was like a scene from castaway - so we all stood at the shore and screamed “wilson!!”










thanks taylor, cindy & joanne for a really fun afternoon!