December 15, 2011

maybe I should have titled this blogpost – taylor and billy are married…. again :) here’s the story. taylor is the daughter of my friend doug and the first time I met her was when I photographed the wedding of doug and his wife jennifer. fast forward a couple of years and I had heard from doug that taylor fell in love and got married. I was really happy for her because in the brief time I spent with her at her dad’s wedding, she was so sweet. well it turns out that they got married at the courthouse due to billy’s military service and the time issues that can arise from possible deployments. so when doug gave me a call he said that taylor and billy wanted to get married again in front of all of their friends and family – yay! I got to the home of taylor’s mom and everyone was buzzing about excitedly. taylor’s gown was hanging in the living room and when I commented on how pretty it was, she told me that it was her mother’s dress – all taylor did was remove the sleeves and it fit her like a dream. the day was beautiful with the fall leaves in their last hurrah. I was so happy to spend the day with this amazing couple – all I had to do was look at billy as taylor came down the aisle to know that they’d get married 100 times if they could 

I loved absolutely every second of working with you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness and love xo

  • The pictures look great. Congratulations!

  • I love Taylor so much and she is the sweetest! I really do hope and pray happiness for u both! The pics turned out beautifully :)

  • Beautiful blog, thanks for sharing. I work with Taylor and she is beautiful inside and out…..and she adores her husband which is also a beautiful thing! Many blessings,

  • I so enjoyed spending the day with Billy and Taylor….Raye…the wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Your Dad and I are so proud of you and Billy and wish nothing but happiness for the both of you as you begin your new life together…… You both are one of the many blessings we have in our lives today and I want to thank Raye for giving you the memories of the special day that I know you will treasure for a lifetime to come! Love you all!

    Jennifer Baker

  • I was Taylors Cheerleading Coach in High School! She is one of the most Beautiful young women I have ever had the pleasure of working with and knowing! She is stunning, Inside and Out! The Pictures are Georgous! Just like I knew they would be! Love you Taylor and Billy! Congrats! Your pictures tell their “Story Book Romance”!

  • ashley neidlinger

    I love them. You guys are so cute!!!