March 27, 2014


throughout my life I have had many interests and enthusiastically pursued several hobbies with varying levels of success.. but ever since I can remember, I have had two constant true loves – photography and music. so when I have the opportunity and am hired to combine them both? well, it’s the truest definition of a dream job to me. a couple of weeks ago I flew to austin, texas for the south by southwest (sxsw) festival and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have gone to music festivals as varied as the all good fest to lollapalooza since I was 17, but sxsw was an inspired stew of everything from films to graphic arts to gaming… and of course, music. everywhere. I’m certain that on any given day, the streets of austin have music ranging from hip hop to the blues spilling out of the doors and windows of the clubs, but at sxsw it’s on overdrive. at one point I found myself at almost a jog-like pace.. wanting to see everything, to hear as much as I could. I was in my happiest of places. at night, I headed to the world-famous stubbs to photograph a sxsw showcase which was sponsored by the gap – featuring j roddy walston and the business, the preatures, bear hands and the 1975. although my time in austin was brief, it was inspiring and it fed a little corner of my soul which had felt a little empty recently.. for which I am so grateful. it also left me wanting more and I am looking so forward to returning in 2015!