February 10, 2010

I am not one who does well with things I have no power over – I’m a total type A control freak – so when something or someone (in this case the lovely mother nature) puts obstacles in my path that I can’t hurdle no matter how hard I try, I’m not happy. I sulk and even whine – hosting my own private little pity party because I’m not getting my way. and I, unfortunately can not make the snow stop falling or the wind stop blowing. it has my schedule all screwed up – I was supposed to meet with 7 clients this past weekend – all lined up in perfect time allotted spaces – grouping together the local and the over-the-bridge brides in such seamless order that it could bring a tear to you eye. I was on fire! and then BAM, my house of cards comes tumbling down and although most of the appointments have been successfully re-scheduled, it’s not nearly as martha stewart perfect as it had been. now I realize in the face of power outages and road closings that the disruption in my little schedule seems laughable in comparison and trust me, I know it is. I am beyond grateful that our power has stayed on and that our dogs are loving this. but I get bothered and when I am bothered, it is all about ME – just ask the hubs!  On the other hand (and there is always that other, frustrating, happy, the glass in half full to overflowing hand when I want to wallow) I am catching up on a bunch of stuff I have left in my proverbial “in” box forever. I’ve also been making lists – lots and lots of lists. If I can’t be doing what I want, I must do something – and I must create lists of these things and then lists of those lists……. but I digress. one of these lists is a goal list. now I know that I had layed some “resolutions” out at the beginning of the year. but my goal list – well, that’s different – at least it is to me. resolutions are large life-changing ideas to me – a goal can be small, tangible and definitely doable. so I challenged myself to 50 personal and professional goals that I could reasonably accomplish before the end of the year and because you too may be snow weary and bored  feel free to share some of your own!

1: get published again                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

2: get new lighting set up

3: buy something really cool for myself at WPPI

4: get my fourth tattoo

5: do a cleanse

6: take my dogs to the ocean at least once a week (once the weather warms of course)

7: update my marketing materials

8: get a new phone

9: switch to mac?? (still unsure about this one – any input would be appreciated)

10: go to NYC just because

11: shoot a destination wedding

12: shoot a fashion editorial

13: photographically collaborate with a local charity

14: go back to red with my hair

15: go to a workshop/seminar of a photographer I admire

16: do a session of my & the hubs with a photographer I admire

17: redecorate our living room

18: paint my home office

19: find the perfect shoes for wedding day shooting

20: hire an intern

21: do date night at least once a week

22: shoot more dog sessions

23: style and shoot an editorial wedding layout

24: go para-sailing

25: go to colorado

26: go on a honeymoon

27: go away for a weekend every season

28: hold a small workshop

29: say no once in awhile

30: hangout with my girlfriends more

31: go out on a double date

32: lose 25 pounds

33: go to new hope (it’s just 20 minutes from my step mother’s house)

34: watch more old movies

35: go see live music at least 5 times

36: attempt baking

37: twitter? I just don’t know

38: get a better office chair

39: order new canvases for the studio

40: try waxing a photograph

41: shoot more film

42: get an instant camera of some kind

43: get some cute rainboots

44: take more walks

45: go through my clothes and get rid of what I don’t wear – this goes for shoes too!

46: take the roof of my jeep off more this summer

47: read at least 15 of the “books I want to read”  list

48: go to yoga class at least once a week

49: make smoothies for me & the hubs in the morning

50: take time to breathe, step back and be grateful

so there we go – my “blizzard of 2010″ list. what did you accomplish or have a great time not accomplishing during the storm? kristie will decide on the best snow story and gift the winner a $25 starbucks card! but another upside to the storm is that I was able to edit some photos that I’ve been slacking on because they were just for fun – my friend kala and I did this session late this summer and I’m really happy with the way they turned out – I’ll have a full post of these tomorrow. happy snow day!


  • Raye- First of all, I love the photos you took of me, Bryant and Catherine!!! Thanks so much – they are so amazing!!!! I’m so glad we had you to capture this time – thanks to Katie for introducing us to you! Second, I love this list. So inspiring…and all I can say is – go MAC. I love Mac’s…and as a photographer, there are so many programs (like Aperture) that you might really enjoy!!! Everything with MACs are so seamless..can’t say enough great things about it. And the other thing about collaborating with a charity, check out the Washington Animal Rescue League. Our dog Toby is an alum, (www.warl.org). It’s an amazing space, the shelter is state of the art, the mission is great and the animals are adorable. I used to walk dogs there as a volunteer in my pre-baby days – and hope to be able to do it again soon. They often partner with creative types in the area for things and with your love of dogs and talent for capturing their spirit…they would love you. Have fun and here’s hoping the snow melts soon!!!

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