January 31, 2013

so a few weeks ago the local weather forecasters, as they have a tendency to do in these parts, were predicting a ‘concerning amount of snow’ and threw everyone into a milk and bread buying panic. on the shore this means an inch – but I’ll take it! considering I grew up in syracuse, I yearn for a good snowfall like some pine for the beach. I knew that I wanted to do a snow session of some sort, so I contacted lexie’s mom kristin. if you follow the blog, lexie is a familiar face – ever since the first time I worked with her and her sister payton I have looked forward to every opportunity I’ve had to photograph them – again and again… they are amazing! so we were all set to go but the next morning there was nothing.. maybe a small dusting, but nothing that would provide more than an hour school delay. a week later however, I woke up to see my backyard blanketed with several inches and shortly thereafter I got a text from kristin.. ‘shoot today?!’ absolutely YES! I had actually found a $10 dress at H+M in the late summer that I bought because I knew I could use it at some point so I pulled it out of the closet. I took a photo and sent it to lexie letting her know ahead of time exactly how I was planning on torturing her. in addition to the snow, it was cold – usually when we get that kind of accumulation, the temps go up to 50 and it melts right away. but not this day – I totally would have understood if lex said no, but of course she didn’t.. she’s that great.

thank you lexie for once again exceeding my expectations! you are a rockstar and a joy – I absolutely LOVE working with you and can’t wait until our next shoot! xoxo