June 18, 2014

1 if there was one thing I learned when skye first contacted me about a maternity session, it was that she and her husband stephen were baseball fans. now my couples are pretty loyal to a lot of local teams.. I done ravens themed e-sessions, redskins newborn sessions.. and yes, even a steelers jersey has made it’s way into a photo or two. but it wasn’t until I met up with skye and stephen that I realized that they weren’t just casual followers of the nationals… they were committed, ardent and very enthusiastic super fans! I loved the attention that they had to detail in some of the items they brought along in addition to a custom made t-shirt. then we headed to the stadium – I had never been to a game here and it’s actually a really beautiful ballpark that sparkled under the gorgeous summer sky. after walking about the park, skye and stephen settled down into their regular seats and all I could envision was their daughter growing up in one of the seats next to them, cheering right along :) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13