July 21, 2016

1it all started several months ago with a facebook message…. ‘are you available for a couple of hours on july third?’ my friend shelli asked. to which I responded ‘yep, I should be. I’m not going out of town.’ innocent enough. and then she told me.. she was getting married! see I have known shelli for almost 15 years. when I decided to start photographing weddings, I signed up for a local wedding show and rented myself a booth. I was nervous, obviously. having never participated in anything like this, I brought what I thought I might need and pieced it all together the best I could. I walked around to check everyone else out ~ and I saw shelli. her booth was that of a seasoned veteran who had been doing this for awhile and it blew me away. custom built display walls, gorgeous canvases, and stacks of colorful and ornate wedding albums. she must have caught me with eyes wide open and walked over to introduce herself. I was hesitant to say that I was a photographer.. I don’t know why. maybe it was because I was unsure of how she would respond, or maybe it was because I was new and pretty clueless. probably a bit of both… I told her anyway. she smiled wide and basically took me under her wing a little bit that day. we later found out that we both attended MICA (maryland instate, college of art) and our bound grew even closer. over the years, both of our lives have changed and we don’t see each other nearly as much as we used to, but when we do, she is still a cherished colleague and a trusted friend. so now she was getting married – and she wanted me to photograph it. I was thrilled! shelli and shawn planned a daytime wedding at the green hill country club and as I drove up, I was so grateful for weather. for july, it was almost chilly! and as I entered the room where shelli was getting ready, I knew I was in for a ride. first, let’s talk about this dress. she had sent me an inspiration photo weeks before but to see how it came together in person was amazing! her friend had hand sewn every layer, every detail, and I couldn’t have picked any other dress that reflected the beautiful spirit of my friend like this one did. and then there were her friends… as each one of her girls arrived, shelli would have to look away before the tears started. practically every time that she would look at her daughter, her eyes would water, and the frantic dabbing to keep her eye makeup in check would start. but she couldn’t help it, and it was lovely. I met shawn for the first time as I went downstairs to the ‘guy room’ and immediately saw that he was a perfect partner for shelli. he is kind, warm, and hysterical. ‘how is she doing?’ were the first words he said to me. as the ceremony began, shelli and shawn’s touches were everywhere. from the processional music and tokens of love, to the unity sand that the poured with emma. I couldn’t be happier for all of you and I was so honored to be a small part of your day. I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world! xoxo

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