October 13, 2015


the first time I met shelby and cody was during their engagement session at the inlet in OC. it was a little blustery and definitely chilly and I worried that the weather would work against us that morning. as soon as they arrived, however, I knew that my concern was short lived. as they came to greet me with their two adorable pups, leo and lana, their smiles told me all I needed to know… when these two are together, everything is okay. more than okay, it’s beautiful. so when I woke up on the morning of their big day and rain was falling, I knew that their ceremony and reception plans may have to change, but really, with these two, it was going to be amazing ~ no matter what. fortunately, by the time I got to shelby’s family home, the rain was long gone and the day was perfect. shelby was busy getting ready with all of her girls and her vendors were busily creating a magical day for her and cody – everything from the flowers to their special details were all so thoughtful and personal. as cody and his groomsmen arrived, shelby looked out the window at him and if she had been nervous at all, it disappeared. she was ready to see her groom! after an emotional first look, friends and family filled the yard and the ceremony began. and as the afternoon turned into twilight, the bay glowed, lights twinkled, old friends laughed, and the celebration danced it’s way into the night. I am so very happy for you both! you are such a lovely and special couple and I wish you all of the happiness in the world!

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