December 13, 2016

1shauna has been one of my best friends for almost 15 years. during that time, we have seen each other through everything that life can dish out… the good, the bad, and the sometimes hysterical. regardless of what is going on, she is one of the few people that can have me laughing with just a look (or a jump :) ), and I cherish her friendship. she knows how I am without me ever saying a word.. and I, her. so when were in atlanta about a year and a half ago, I noticed a little something… one, her phone never left her hand, ever. and when she would get a ding of an incoming message, her response was immediate. two, she would smile, respond, and smile some more… dare I say even a giggle here and there?  upon returning to the shore, we went out to dinner and she told me about someone she had met.. and her name was audrey. in the months that followed, they talked more.. and more. shauna traveled to atlanta and audrey came up here to the shore. it was during one of audrey’s visits here that I joined them for breakfast. I already knew how happy shauna was, but to see them together was amazing. their laughter, friendship, mutual respect, and obvious love for each was was such a lovely thing to witness. having a front row seat to one of your dearest friends falling in love is a pretty awesome thing, I must say. recently, shauna got a job offer that required her to move to baltimore so the day before she left, I asked if I could have an hour or so with her and audrey to take some photographs. we walked the campus of salisbury university and I thought I would be sad… with her leaving in just a few hours. and I was ~ a little. but more than anything I was just so happy for her, for both of them. to share a life with someone you love by your side, with all of the twists and turns, adventures and opportunities that life gives you, everyday, is a beautiful journey ~ and I am looking so forward to seeing where it leads my friends.


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