October 23, 2015

1 the day that I drove up to their family farm to photograph sarah and zac’s engagement session, I left smitten with three thingsā€¦ their pups, kash and gulliver, the beauty of the farm, and of course, sarah and zac. they are the type of couple that immediately make you feel welcome, like an old friend. they are so open and warm that we all clicked instantly and their e-session was one of my personal favorites. being there also gave me the opportunity to get to know the location of their wedding. as we wandered the farm, sarah told me where her family was going to plant certain flowers, just for the wedding. and with such beautiful property as far as the eye could see, I knew that it would be spectacular come the following fall. so when I drove up the lane to her parent’s house on wedding day, even though I already expected it, I was blown away by the beauty of the day. sarah was calm as could be as I greeted her in the makeup chair – it had been calling for rain all week, and although it was a little windy, the skies were perfect. her mom patti, (who also happens to be an amazing floral designer who did all of the flowers) was busy getting everything organized and on track. later, I went back down the lane to sarah and zac’s house where he was relaxing with his dad and his groomsmen before the ceremony. as we did some portraits by the meadow, sarah’s horse made a brief guest appearance for his close up. all of these little moments were what made this day so special – it was truly a family affair.. everyone contributing in their own way to make this day so special. as the ceremony began on the top of the hill, zac became overwhelmed as he saw his beautiful bride being escorted by her dad across the field. it simply couldn’t have been more perfect. during the ceremony, the families united by adding soil to a tree that would be planted after the wedding. sarah and zac, watered the tree and as they did, I saw something as they looked at each other. the joy of knowing that this tree would grow bigger and stronger over the years – just as their love and commitment to each other would. a metaphor, yes ~ and a very lovely one. your wedding day was one that I will always remember for the the kindness of your friends and families, the beauty and the laughter – but most of all, I will remember the two of you and the love you share. I wish you so much joy in your life together.

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