December 11, 2014


the first time I spoke with sarah, she told me all about her wedding location.. her family farm. her dad has lived on this property his whole life and it’s also where sarah and sac live. she told me about the property, the barns, and the horses and I could picture it, she was so descriptive. typically I like to shoot a couple’s engagement session somewhere other than their wedding venue so that we can work with different locales and mix it up.. if the wedding is in baltimore or dc, shooting the e-session at the beach can be fun, etc. but because sarah had expressed their desire to include their dogs (kash and my new best friend, gulliver) and horses in the photos, the farm seemed perfect – and it was! and the really cool thing is that as beautiful as it was the day of their session, it’s going to look a lot different with everything in bloom for their wedding. then there is sarah and zac.. within minutes, I knew that my job was going to be a breeze! they are such a natural fit and so awesome together  - they were always cuddled up, laughing, and didn’t stop looking or smiling at each other. I had so much fun with you and fell in love with your farm.. I can’t wait until next year!

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