September 21, 2016

1sarah is one of those people that I should have met years ago… our circles of people are so intertwined. so when I met her and shane for their maternity session, it felt as though we were already old friends. the location wasn’t a coincidence either, my dear friend nettie (sarah’s friend too, naturally :) ) had been married here several years ago and it’s one of my favorite places. we began at the barn and wandered our way down the back dirt roads that eventually would lead us to the highway. we had a gorgeous morning and sarah and shane were so wonderful to work with. if I asked them to jump a ditch, they jumped that ditch. if I suggested that a weed field might be pretty, they were already headed into it before I could pick up my camera. I am so happy that we finally met and am looking forward to many other sessions in our future ~ congratulations on your latest adventure together! xo

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