June 18, 2015


I have been photographing weddings for over a decade and when I first meet a couple, I always like to hear how they met.. how they knew that this was their person. no couple’s story is exactly the same – some have been set up by friends on a blind date, others started ‘going steady’ in grade school. but never has walmart been accredited to finding true love – it’s truly a first for me. sarah and kevin met in the aisles of the superstore on halloween night. what started out as a friendly chat soon evolved into the two of them wandering the store for hours, talking nonstop. they parted ways, both knowing that someone truly special had happened but sarah told herself that they were just friends. later as kevin was helping sarah get ready for nursing school, she realized that this was more.. that they were more than she ever expected and they have been inseparable ever since. sarah and kevin decided to have a backyard wedding at their home and added so many of their own touches which made everyone feel so welcome. dogs were everywhere to greet us as bryan and I got to the house, which if you know us, made us very happy. the day was warm and sunny and as guests got seated in their back yard, everyone couldn’t wait to see the bride and groom. after a beautiful ceremony that included ‘hallelujah’ being sung by sarah’s father, we all went to the front lawn for photos. there is an ease and a playfulness with sarah and kevin that was so lovely to capture. he makes her laugh, genuinely and a lot which I think is one of the true touchstones of an amazing relationship and friendship. I asked my grandmother years ago how she and pop had stayed so happy for so long. ‘he kisses me every morning and makes me laugh everyday.’ she answered. I loved these two from the moment that I met them and am so happy for them. it was a very special day and we were so honored to be a part of it. wishing you much love, joy and laughter!!

  • caterer: 2 jays bbq
  • cake designer: susannah gillespie
  • flowers: giant
  • dress: vera wang
  • makeup/hair: salon art
  • videographer: chistopher pali

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