June 03, 2010


I knew sarah & drew were a special couple when I photographed their e-session - the love they have for each other just radiated from them and I was so excited for their wedding day! we had a beautiful day and the excitement was contagious. all of sarah’s bridesmaids were buzzing about, helping her get ready and working out last minute details – the only snag was that it was cruiser weekend over at the beach, so traffic was heavy to say the least – but once we got there, the church was packed with friends and family waiting for sarah & drew to say their long-awaited vows. this couple is beautiful inside and out and I had so much fun photographing their big day!



gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!




okay.. so this next photo has to one of my favorite photos EVER. the cool thing is that sarah is also a photographer, so after I got this shot I ran up to her and said “LOVED that!” and she said “I knew you would!” :)


the whole wedding party was on board to do anything sarah or I wanted them to do which is amazing with a group this big – they were all so great!




I told the groomsman who decided to hang upside down that he got the gold star for the day :)


how cute is her nephew?!? just a lot!





another moment perhaps only another photographer would appreciate and participate with enthusiasm. I saw this performance artist down the boardwalk and as we approached her, in full statue stillness – we wondered if she would play along.  as soon as she saw sarah, she broke character and couldn’t help from smiling. unfortunately she didn’t tell us her name – but thanks silver bride artist lady!


sarah & drew – I had so much fun working with you. you, your friends and family were all so much fun to spend the day with and I know that your life together will be filled with much laughter and love – congratulations!


  • Absolutely Love these pictures!! Can’t wait to see the rest. Love the guy with the beer!! Raye you were great to work with and Sarah “loves” your work! Thanks, Anne

  • These pictures are amazing and totally capture how beautiful these two are on the inside :)
    Love you guys!!

  • Raye! Thank you so much for everything!!! I already know that im going to absolutely LOVE the rest of the pictures : )

  • Loved the pics that loaded. As expected (after having seen the engagement pics) the photos are awesome. Of course, it always helps when the subjects are beautiful. Love you guys.

  • Bethany Copeland

    Amazing pics! So happy to be a part of such an amazing day. Love you Sarah and Drew and can’t wait to see the complete set of pictures.

  • This was an amazing wedding, the pictures turned out great! One of my favorites is with you two in front of the umbrella boxes. love you guys, i wish you the best!

  • Amazing pictures! Congrats to Sarah and Drew – we all had a wonderful time at the wedding. love, robin, gary, michael and madison

  • Love how the pictures turned out! It was a beautiful day with some great people!

  • What beautiful pictures! They actually captured the beauty of the bride and of the day!

  • Sarah and Drew’s wedding was such a beautiful wedding and the photos represent that very well. The photographs are very unique and artist- I can see Sarah’s eye for photography even though she is the one in the photographs. Amazing day and amazing photos!

  • ABsolutely beautiful! Congrats Sarah & Drew! Wishing you both all the happiness & love in the years to come!

  • Melissa Smith

    The pictures look great, you have captured a lot of the essence of Sarah and Drew.

  • The pictures are awesome!! Of course any photos with my neice Sarah in them are always exquisite. Aunt Liz

  • Rachael Warren

    These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see more :-)

  • The pictures are so beautiful!! I wish there were more! Congrats Sarah and Drew!

  • These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Sarah and Drew – I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to come down there! Sarah – I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to meet your wonderful husband! Congrats!

  • Brittany Smith

    Amazing! love, love love them!! Drew and sarah you look so wonderful!! loved your special day! Raye, you did an amazing job!!!

  • Raye did an amazing job with the pictures and you were great to work with!! Especially with all the cruisers!! can’t wait to see the rest….. absolutely love these!!

  • WOW!!! Great pictures:)

  • Absolutely stunning!!!

  • Uncle Karl Meyer

    Now I know where you got those Thrasher Fries stuck to your shoes. Very Fine pictures and what a wonderful time.

  • WOW! all the pictures turned out great!! You are so photogentic…like a magazine bride! The silver bride is truly unique and just might be my favorite :) Congrats to the both of you!

  • great photos – love the beach shots!

  • nothing like a wedding at the beach!

  • great photos – love the ones on the beach!

  • The pictures are beautiful! I’m so happy I got to spend your special day with you and Drew! Love you!

  • Great pics! Really helps to make a special memory of an awesome day. So glad Mel & I could be there.

  • Nicole Jacobs

    Sarah, AWESOME pictures! These definitely captured all your hard work for such a stunning celebration! Beach stands and the beer man were my personal favs:) Congrats to you both!!!

  • hey guys! i am the silver bride lady and i am so glad that i found this picture. i had been kicking myself for not giving you my email address so i could have a copy. i wish you the best of luck i will be in your shoes in may :-)