May 14, 2015

1as I read the message I received from samantha last september, I couldn’t help but smile.. ‘so,’ it read ‘are you ready for another hutchison wedding?’ the obvious answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes!’. one of my favorite perks of my job is meeting so many new people and couples, season after season – but what I love even more is the relationships that have been built over the years with entire families that have begun with a simple email, inquiring if we were available for a session or wedding. with the hutchison brothers, my story with them began with becky and darin – I photographed their engagement session, their wedding, and the newborn photos of baby brantley. then I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of becky and dean and then later, their maternity session when they were expecting their daughter heidi. so now it was darcy’s turn and I couldn’t wait to see all of them again (and if I’m honest, I was also really grateful that samantha’s name wasn’t becky.. it gets a little confusing when they’re all together :)  ) this january, I went up to samantha and darcy’s farm to photograph their engagement session and was so happy to see darcy’s daughter, abby – I’ve basically watched her grow up as she was a part of all of the previous weddings. she has become such a funny and lovely young lady and was obviously so excited for her dad and samantha to tie the knot. the morning of the wedding, I drove up to the venue and the weather couldn’t have been better.. sunny with a light breeze and everything was beautiful. samantha’s mom and some of her bridesmaids were checking all of the final touches under the tent as I went upstairs to see the bride. a warm smile greeted me as she was waiting for everything to really start happening – a little nervous, but very excited to marry her groom. soon after, the ‘beckys’ came into the bridal suite with their kids in tow and it blew my mind. both brantley and heidi are so big.. walking, talking, laughing, and fussing.. just a little, when the tie had to go on. they were definitely a reminder as to just how long I have known this big and beautiful family. the ceremony began and as abby made her way down the aisle with a message for darcy, there wasn’t a dry eye in the bunch. as I have come to expect, the reception was such a fun party and a celebration of friendship, family and love. samantha and darcy, I couldn’t be happier for you and I am so grateful that you invited me capture your chapter of this story. I wish you so much love + joy!

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