February 03, 2015


the facebook message I received from samantha read something like this… ‘are you ready for another hutchison wedding?’ well the answer, of course, was yes! and because I had already photographed 2 out of the 3 weddings of the hutchison brothers, I knew it was darcy’s turn to walk down the aisle. I met samantha and her mom for coffee in cambridge and we talked all about the upcoming wedding. since working with becky + darin, and then becky + dean, I had come to really love this big and beautiful family and was looking so forward to not only working with samantha and darcy, but also for the opportunity to see all of my friends again. samantha told me that she and darcy had just purchased a farm, so it seemed the ideal location for their engagement session. darcy’s daughter, abbi, was also going to be at the session which I loved – she had been a flower girl at both of his brother’s weddings and had been so much fun. we had a pretty perfect evening for the session and the land surrounding their farm was gorgeous. from sweeping fields to a pond on the back of the property, I had my pick of some lovely locations. when she wasn’t in the photos, abbi was a very efficient little assistant, telling jokes and encouraging kisses from her dad and samantha. I am so happy to be a part of another chapter in the hutchison family story and am so excited for this wedding!

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