December 02, 2009


meet sam! I had a shoot with sam about a week and a half ago for a very special client – sam belongs to chuck strickler. chuck was a minister here in snow hill for a long time and is VERY important to my family.  he married my parents, baptized me, presided over the funerals of both of my grandparents and married me and my husband – lots of history!  he lost his wife this past april, so when his daughter contacted me to do a shoot with sam for an christmas gift – I was more than willing. not only do I love chuck dearly – I adore dogs. photographing dogs, playing with dogs, napping with dogs. If I go to a social event and there are dogs there, more than likely I will spend more time with the dogs than with people. those who know me well, know the importrant part my dogs have played in my life and to photograph them is just the best.  sam was so much fun!







thank you cherrie and cindy for inviting me to do this for your dad – it’s the least I can do after all he’s done for me and my family. and I love sam!! he’s a great big ball of love

  • Thank you! Sam fell in love with you the second you walked in the door and discovered that you were a ‘dog person’. It was so much fun watching the two of you in action. I was blown away by every single one of the pictures that you took! It was almost impossible to decide which ones to get. You did such an excellent job capturing his personality on film. AMAZING!!!!


  • Raye – Thanks so much for doing this for us! I know that dad is going to love the pictures. You did a fantastic job !