August 30, 2011

to say it was a perfect day is not enough… it was glorious! not only was the weather more than we could ask for in mid-august but from start to beginning robin and jason’s wedding was a celebration shared with all. the first time I met robin and jason was at the wedding of her sister brandi and we were all thrilled that brandi was actually there. why wouldn’t she be you ask? we she is due any day now with her and will’s first baby :) the wedding was at the cloisters and it was my first time shooting there – I loved it! talk about creative options – every room, staircase, window – all were amazing. and then there’s the couple – I have shot a lot of weddings so I guess as a result, it takes a lot to choke me up. I’m busy focusing on the job at hand… but when robin choked up during her vows and said ” I want to marry YOU jason” as tears streamed down her face – well, that did it. their eyes just held so much love for each other that it took my breath away. 


congratulations! I adore your big beautiful family and am so happy you invited me into your lives a second time. I loved every minute  – much happiness laughter and love!