July 19, 2012

I think it’s a pretty fair statement to say that most artists, whatever their form of expression, seek out other creative endeavors to shake things up and get inspired. my mom, for example, was a writer but there were many days that she would get lost in her kitchen experimenting with new flavors and techniques. kris’ artistic talents never cease to amaze me as to what she can do with paint, found objects and design – plus she’s recently taken up guitar! my outlet is writing but at this time of year that’s mostly confined to email correspondence and blogposts. I personally think that dabbling in something other than what you’re ‘good’ at is an amazing way to gain a new perspective and stretch your own limits. so recently when I picked up a pamphlet for this summer’s ShaDeeLa creative workshops, I was intrigued. I had wanted to participate in one of these workshops for a long time but they are normally held on saturdays and I am usually at a wedding. ShaDeeLa is the combined creative collaboration of three of the most inspiring women I know: Sharon, Diane and Deb. lifelong friends, they draw from all of their experiences to teach different forms of creative expression. the particular class that caught my eye was called ‘fearless painting’. now let me give you a little history on me and painting… before going to MICA, the only experience that I had with painting was rolling a coat of black semi-glass on my bedroom wall (I had some moody teenage years.. don’t judge), but in order to qualify for a fine art degree, painting was a requirement my first year. like some darkroom junkies from the photo wing of the school, I felt horribly out of place in ‘painting 101′. I was surrounded by people with picasso-like talent, or at least it seemed. they would mix colors and apply it to canvas with such ease as I struggled to make a reasonable purple on my palette. I dreaded going and hated every minute I was there because I didn’t think I was any good at it – instead of embracing something new, I pushed it away out of fear and insecurity. I finally finished the class, filled my requirement and haven’t picked up another paint brush outside of house painting since – so the title ‘FEARless painting’ really caught my eye. that saturday as I climbed the stairs of the old snow hill firehouse with my security blanket (also known as my camera) I was both excited and nervous. this particular class was taught by deb – she is amazing! to see some of here work, click here. the thing about these workshops is that there is truly something for everyone – seated next to me was an accomplished abstract painter while others were as inexperienced as I was but with deb’s instruction we collectively took a deep breath and began. sharon, diane and deb were amazing as some of us (me) were baffled and frustrated (again, me) reassuring us that there were no rules and absolutely no mistakes. if I’m honest, I was pretty surprised when about an hour into it, I began to really enjoy myself. stranger still is that I actually really liked what I ended up painting – who knew?? thank you so much ladies for a wonderful day!