April 12, 2012

every spring the fields in and around snow hill start to have a purple glow as the clover begins to bloom. and every year I say to myself that I am going to shoot it – and I have, by itself. but this year I wanted to either photograph a couple or a family or even a dog in these beautiful gifts of spring. one day it occurred to me that one of my favorite families and friends would be perfect so I called mom jenny and we set up a time. twins libby and evie are at the perfect age where they have that ideal combo of spontaneity but listen at the same time when needed – they are such adorable, kind and special little girls! we had such a fun afternoon and although the purple is now fading, I’m so happy that we made it happen this year!

thanks again for such a great day! I absolutely love working with you all and can’t wait for our next session xoxo