August 30, 2016

1I am a girl who loves a good surprise. I think putting some time into doing something special for someone that you care about is one of the most loving things you can do for another person. it can be small.. like bringing someone a cup of coffee to their office on a difficult day, or it can be big.. like this day. it started in may ~ I got an email from peter who asked if I would be interested in capturing his proposal to his love, samantha. ummmm.. yes!! he and samantha are from new york, but he had chosen assateague because samantha loves horses and after doing some research, he found this special place. as we corresponded, we came up with a plan. peter and samantha would come to the beach for a morning walk and after a stroll, he would pop the question. I was to be a nature photographer, quietly photographing the abundant beauty of the island, and when he got down on one knee, it was on! no detail was too small for this future groom.. he had maps, specific timelines (including how many minutes it took to cross the walking bridge to the beach), and even ‘tricked’ samantha into taking a selfie that morning so that he could text me their outfits. I arrived on the beach and watched and waited. like clockwork, they came across the bridge, hand in hand. I became fascinated with a cluster of dunes close by as they casually walked by me and headed down the beach. samantha was on a mission.. she wanted to find a pony and so they walked, and walked, and walked some more. I followed behind them as far as I could, but close enough to be able to be available for my cue from peter. occasionally, samantha would turn to look at the ocean or behind her and I would hit the sand and aim my camera at anything but them. peter then took her arm and led her down to the ocean’s edge… and it was time. I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear anything, but I didn’t need to. samantha’s reaction and peter’s joy was so obvious that anyone on the beach knew that something very special had just happened. after several moments together, peter brought her over to me and introduced us. she was amazed that he had planned for a local photographer to be there and she was full of happy questions.. who else knew? who had seen the ring? when had he hired me? and then hugs. and kisses. and more kisses. we spent the rest of the morning photographing a session to tell the whole story of this day ~ because this day only happens once. and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. it was truly an honor to document such a moment and I am so excited and happy for you both!

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