May 15, 2015

001 over the years it’s become the norm to get a text from one of the vankirk sisters.. either it’s time for the annual holiday photos or they just want to have a session with me – which I love! in return, I have called on them several times when I’ve needed models or because we’ve gotten the random eastern shore snowstorm and I want to shoot. so when I received a text from payton last week saying that she needed some photos for her graduation announcement, I looked at my calendar and we set up a day. a little while later, it started to sink in… graduation announcements. she’s graduating – she’s going away to college – when did all of this happen? and I’ll admit it.. I got a little choked up. when I first met payton, it was during a session that her mother, kristen, had booked 5 years ago. payton and her sister lexie had been so much fun to work with that day but I had no idea that it was the beginning new friendships that would grow like ours have. for this session, payton met me at assateague on a beautiful morning and handed me a coffee that she had picked up for me on the way. silly and sentimental thoughts went through my head.. ‘she’s driving.’ of course she is! ‘she knows that I love coffee.’ who doesn’t know that about me? but I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this young woman who was standing in front of me, showing me all of the outfits she had brought along, was the same little girl with braces that I had met on this same beach years ago. payton, you are so special – you are beautiful and kind and smart and funny and lovely and all around amazing. I am so grateful to have come to know you and call you my friend. I know that you are going to thrive in college and beyond. but when you’re home.. I’m secretly hoping that I’ll still get that random text… ‘do you have some time for some photos?’ I love you!!


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