May 29, 2012

I love proposals! one of the first things I ask of all of my couples is who proposed and how – they almost always are filled with romantic touches and special surprises. such was the case with paul’s proposal to lisa. they live in rhode island and when I received paul’s email detailing all of his plans I knew I wanted to be a part of it. so here is what was supposed to happen… paul and lisa would arrive at the marriott in ocean city after making the drive from new england. after a little down time they were going to dress for dinner and take a romantic stroll down the boards to the pier with their ¬†toddler son. meanwhile my cousin and marriott manager caitlin and I would be spreading flower petals, chilling champagne and getting wish lanterns prepped and ready for lighting. once they were to arrive to the pier the stage would be set ¬†- ta da!! here is what really happened… caitlin and I arrived at the pier with the flowers, champagne and lanterns but the wind was blowing so hard that the beaches were deserted. after making the drive that had more traffic than they imagined, lisa was tired and just wanted to stay in and dressing for dinner in this weather was out of the question. I was getting text updates from paul as caitlin and I offered up alternatives but this was his vision and we all wanted it to work. once lisa was convinced that a walk would do them all good, we got the green light and knew they were on their way. the petals, of course took flight before they even reached the sand and we knew that the lanterns weren’t going to happen either but that didn’t dampen our excitement as we saw them approach. while hiding in the dunes with my zoom lens, I saw paul drop to his knee as lisa’s look of confusion turned into one of shock and then pure joy! their son just wanted to play in the sand, but his mom and dad were glowing from the happiness of the moment and as caitlin poured the champagne they gathered in a family embrace.

after the proposal the plan was to do a family portrait/e-session session on the beach but because of the windy conditions it just wasn’t possible so I offered to meet them all at stinky beach in west OC a few days later. their happiness was as apparent as it had been under the pier and I loved every hug, kiss and laugh that I shot.

congratulations!! it was such an honor to witness such a special moment and I wish you so much happiness!