August 28, 2012

as most of you know, I don’t have kids (unless you consider the ‘furr-kids’ in which case I have the 2 coolest kids ever) people ask me why all the time – especially during family sessions because apparently I’m pretty good with kids and I guess there is no simple answer. maybe it’s because I met my husband when I was in my early 30′s and we got married when I was 35. maybe it’s because when I was little I played ‘office’ while my friends played ‘house’. whatever it was, motherhood was never really something I ever really thought about. fortunately my best friend heidi had the 2 most amazing kids on the planet and I have had the honor of being there when both sky and avery were born (or shortly thereafter) and to watch them grow into these incredible people. sky left for college last week – still a fact that I can’t quite wrap my head around. where’s the little girl who was in our wedding 7 years ago?? I remember when heidi called me to share that sky had a ‘serious’ boyfriend. at first I thought it was a typical early high school thing – where you like each other and you’re ‘going steady’ but this ryan kid wasn’t going anywhere. when he left for college, he came home every weekend to see sky – AND they were facebook official.. very important. in the years since I have met ryan and have seen firsthand how happy he makes sky – and a happy sky makes me happy. the whole crew came down to the beach for one last hurrah before school started and I told sky that I really wanted to do a session with them. she happily agreed and we had a wonderful evening on the beach. as I edited I could see glimpses of the little girl I’ve known for 18 years but I also saw the amazing woman she is becoming. I love you so much girl and am so proud of you. and don’t you worry, your mom and I will come and embarrass you at college soon!! xoxo