May 22, 2010


morgan contacted me a few months ago about doing an e-session. see she and rich are getting married in jamaica – so fun! but she wanted some pictures taken of them here at home as well. she also wanted to include some photos of their dog peyton – so you know I was onboard!  I met up with them at the home of rich’s grandfather – a beautiful house on the water. peyton is adorable and has so much energy! at one point she wriggled out of her collar and took off – rich, morgan, rich’s dad and I took chase until rich finally caught up with her. because this has happened to me many times with different dogs, all I could do was giggle – plus look at that face! I mean c’mon…..


then we headed down to the plaza in salisbury. it was an exceptionally windy day so we found some cool alleys and different nooks & crannys to escape it





morgan is also the winner of our rock the frock session – I’m so excited for it – she has some really cool thoughts about it and she’s just fun to photograph









thank you guys so much for spending the afternoon – I loved the balloon, even though we has to work around some cranky geese to shoot it. I know your wedding will be filled with love and laughter and I’m looking really forward to working with you when you get back!

  • Raye!!

    Thank you so much for working with us! The pictures are great – you are so talented! I am so excited to work with you for the trash the dress session!

  • These are great! I really like the one where Rich is picking you up, Morgan. It is too cute! And of course, Payton is adorable as well!

  • These are lovely photos. I pretty much keep scrolling up and down to look at them over and over again. You two are sooo in love, it shows. I am extremely happy for you!!!!

  • these turned out amazing! i think my favorite is the one of richard crouching down to make out with you. richard, as always, you’re a stud. morgz, you’re absolutely breath-taking. jamaica here we come!

  • kirsz jennifer

    OMG Morgan the pictures are gorgeous! You look so pretty!
    Love them!

  • The pictures are fabulous! They are so romantic, artsy, creative, and beautiful. Peyton looks great too!

    Love the pics!

  • These are fantastic!

  • I loved seeing the pictures. I can’t wait for the wedding. I especially liked the one with the balloon. So glad you got a picture with the WHOLE family – Peyton included.
    My favorite, though, is the last one. Loved the kiss!

    Aunt Kelly

  • Susan Elerding

    They are wonderful and it looked fun!!!

  • Morgan, you are beautiful! The details on all these pictures were really something. All were so unique. You are handsome too Rich, but it’s all about the bride! Thanks for letting me take a look at these. Denise

  • The pictures of Morgan, Rich and Peyton are absolutely amazing. They are so creative and the photography is beautiful!!!!! They will provide Morgan and Rich with lasting memories of their engagement.

  • I love how the balloon matches her fun skirt. Great job finding romantic “nooks and crannies” for them to kiss in :)

  • Kathy Drzewicki

    I can’t thank you enough for catching the love that Morgan and Rich share. The journey that they have been on is captured in these pictues and shows that the road is a long one for their future. Thank you for sharing that with our family.

  • my goodness morgan!! you are so unbelievably gorgeous!
    i can’t pick out my favorite- they are all so wonderful and well done! excellent photographer too!
    richard- nice arm candy.

  • Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop Roberts

    Hi Morgan, We liked all the pictures. Some of the backgrounds were blurry. Were they supposed to be that way for artistic affect? The last one we liked the best. Don’t know the number, but Rich is leaning his head on top of your head. They were all so good. You guys are really good kissers. Love Mom-Mom

  • So cute!! They are perfect Morgan, love them!

  • So creative!!!!! I love the one of Rich picking up Morgan, I am obsessed with the yellow skirt, and Morgan – you look stunning in the solo shots.

  • It’s hard to pick a favorite, except the one with Peyton..what a cute shot. I love the last three…. the laughing smiles, artsy balloon and the kiss… what a profile Morgan…beautiful!

  • love the one with the big yellow balloon!