May 21, 2012

Being a wedding photographer has changed how I view so many things, but none more so than how closely I pay attention to each and every detail that goes into making a truly memorable wedding. Perhaps it’s because I am now really getting into the planning stages of my own wedding. In today’s age, pinterest is all the rage at helping us all envision just about anything imaginable, including wedding ideas (see my wedding board here) As many people can attest, some things that you find on there are not easy to duplicate, and it’s difficult to distinguish what will be easy to replicate. I have definitely been swayed and won over by some of the ideas on there, but nothing compares to seeing an idea in person. It is incredibly nice to have the opportunity, as a wedding photographer, to be a part of so many amazing weddings each year. It’s a great chance for me to see great do-it-yourself ideas that work in real life as well as what is best left for more skilled individuals. Some aspects of our wedding planning process are rather easy. Both my fiance and I adore Smith Island cake, so there was no doubt about what kind of cake we would have at the wedding. We also are very close with a wonderful selection of vendors that we’ve met over the years. However, one of the hardest things for me to decide was the photographer. Crazy, right?! When I got engaged, it was obvious to everyone who would photograph my wedding, but when it came right down to it, I was hesitant. I love all of the amazing women I work with and I struggled with having them there in a work capacity and not as guests enjoying the day along with us. Not too long after I had this dilemma, I got to work a beautiful wedding and, shortly after that, be a guest at another. I realized that I felt like I truly enjoyed and was a part of every moment of the weddings I shot, but when I was a guest, I never truly relaxed because I was constantly framing shots in my head and wondering if the photographer was capturing everything that they should. After thinking about it I believe that I have undoubtedly made the best decision: they will be their happiest capturing all of the moments and I will be my happiest knowing that they are the ones I trust to capture everything I could ever want and more. Over the years of working here at GPA, I have taken numerous notes about all the little details I especially enjoyed or liked, and what made lasting impressions for wedding party members and guests alike. How many other jobs let you ‘crash’ weddings for ideas?! The only problem I have now is how to consolidate all of these great ideas to fit one perfect day. I have a ways to go and many decisions left to make, but I know I’ll like my cake and, rain or shine, my photographers at GPA will help make my day picture perfect.