February 07, 2011


at the beginning of 2011 I saw twitter feeds and facebook posts galore of “365 projects” done by other photographers meaning that they would take a photo a day and post it for the whole year – all I can say is god bless you. it’s not only that I don’t think I have the time for such a project, but I don’t have the desire. for me, I feel like I would just take a photo of basically nothing just to fill that days post – plus it’s been done… a lot. but what I do envy is that inevitably, projects like these make it almost impossible not to shoot photos of your everyday life – and it holds you accountable. 1 day a week – I thought to myself – THAT I can do and it will make me pick up my camera to actually shoot the goings-on in my life. so monday it is – and not wanting to be bland, it has a title: monday moments. each monday I will post something that for whatever reason, I’ve shot solely for me. some may hold a lot of emotion, some may just be visually interesting. but I will post it once.a.week! to begin this blog feature, I think it’s only fitting that we start with a MAJOR beginning. these photos are of our new space – the new home of gillette portrait arts. as you can see it is large – and light filled – and needs a little love……


I’ve always been a fan of clean slates and blank canvases – I’ve also been blessed to have more of my fair share of them. they are always accompanied with so much excitement and anticipation as well as the evil second cousin twice removed…. fear. maybe it’s because I’m a gemini or the way I was raised, but it’s easy for me to embrace change - but big, potentially life changing happenings can throw me in a panic or fill me with doubt and doom. so before making this move I talked to my friends – my sounding board – the people who have always known me better than I know myself. and I was told over and over “you’ve worked so hard” “you’ve been doing this for so long” “this is what you gave the palette up for” and the one thing I can never seem to wrap my head around “you deserve this”. because really – I don’t know of anyone who when they see their business grow and big things start to happen are totally cool with it, like they knew all along that it would go this way. starting anything new, whether it’s in business or life is taking a leap of faith with all of the associated risks and possibilities of failure – and I’ve been known at times to be a negative nancy. the day I opened the doors to the palette my friend alice, who sadly passed away shortly thereafter, gave me a magnet that read “leap and the net will appear” and it was so perfect for that morning and that beginning of an amazing journey. in fact, our new space was once home to alice’s book store and that alone means a lot to me.


so this morning was the moving of the big furniture and all of the canvases + framed photos. tomorrow kristie and I will play with where we’ll do what as far as a shooting area and client consultation seating as well as paint choices and basic decorating – the fun stuff.   oh! I forgot to mention that already there is a coffee bar – color me thrilled and utterly caffeinated! all day I thought how lucky I am to have kris as well as new additions mel & jillian (and of course my hubs who did all of the heavy lifting xoxo) – about all of the fun things we have planned for this space – about all of the clients over the 8 years of gillette portrait arts whose faith in us has lead us here. and as I sat on the floor of our new home all that kept going through my mind was written on that magnet that I had just unpacked and a thank you to my friend – I’m leaping alice!